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 From thirty years we plan and we build with passion and competence/The experience acquired on the field,the constant search and the elevated qualification of the team of work allow us to offer you solutions of avantgarde to tall innovative content. Rapidity of execution and maximum reliability with the least heaviness. Other advantages to choose our steel for your own projects? Versatility,Lightness,realizations against seismic shakes, resistance. And much more, the design: increase of the free lights, exploitation of the useful space and elegance of the fofms.


KEN MS is affirmed in the decades as one of the most important and advanced entrepreneurial reality in the filed of steel constructions. To tangible testimony of this, we would like to invite you to take vision of some among our most recent realizations. Our strength is to your service


 We control technologies of future and we give the top quality constructional materials. At the very beginning of construction we offer cooperation in all stages, starting from rough concept to finalized object. Complete solution is our answer to every project. We try to realize the greatest architectonic ideas.

KEN MS has its own development, project office, installation, service sector and so on. Every buyer can be given effective and complete preliminary estimation for steel construction object: starting from rough concept to finalized object.