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About Construction

Each steel construction consists of primary and secondary construction. Primary construction consists of portable frames and elements for stabilization that gives a stability of a building and transfer the load to reinforced concrete foundations.

Protection of the construction

It is applied according to the grade 2.5 (DIN 55928) for primary construction. It is protected with basic coat thick 40 microns. Final coat is applied at production process or at installation. Thickness and kind of coat is adapted to purchaser's requests. The color of final coat is matching PAL palette of colors.

The primary construction can be done in hot zinc variant. In that case, basic and final coat, although possible, are not necessary.

The primary construction is consisted of:
- final frame inter frame
- stiff or stabilization link
- floor construction console for crane tracks
- crane tracks

Final frames and inter frames

Inter frames and final ones are consisted of hot rolled ones (St. 37-2) or S 355 (St. 52-3) according to EN 10025. Roof girders are enforced with vaults in order to achieve optimal construction. In case of huge spans where implementation of hot rolled profiles is not rational, welded profiles or latticed roof girders are used. It is possible to use round profiles that offer attractive architectonic solutions. All unions and links are protected with bolts that offer quality performance and fast installation. Certain details are typically solved that enables simple and rational solutions.

Stiff and other stabilization links

They offer vertical stability of the object. They are situated in fa?ade roof sites. Location and kind of system depends on load and architectonic needs. In many cases a typical system with round steel profiles and tightens is applied. Individual systems are used only in special cases.

Floor construction

It depends on chosen system of floor construction. The following acts are possible:
- classic installation of AB plate
- classic installation of AB plate with use of HI-BLOND plates (there is no need of protection)
- prefabricated overloaded AB plates
- floor system (among the best quality and rational solutions for floor constructions)


Secondary construction consist of roof and sub-construction of facades

Thin cold rolled profiles of zinc sheet metals are used for facades and roof sub-construction. The sheet plates are zinced in depth of 20 microns. Use of rolled profiles made of steel quality S 235 (SL 37.2) or S 355 (SL 52.3) according to EN 10025. In that case sanding of profiles is applied according to the grade 2.5 (DIN 55982). The anti corrosion protection is in this case completely equal to anti corrosive protection of other steel construction.

Details of secondary construction
Roof secondary construction
Thin cold rolled profiles
Warm rolled profiles
Fasade secondary construction
Thin cold roiled profiles
Warm rolled profiles